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Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada's mission is to safeguard wildlife and wild lands in Canada through science, conservation action, and by inspiring people to value nature. WCS Canada is the only national conservation organization using field science combined with strategic policy initiatives to resolve Canadian conservation challenges. We apply evidence-based findings from our field research to inform and define protection initiatives for wildlife and wild places. As a Canadian charity since 2004, WCS Canada is part of a larger WCS global conservation network and benefits from the 120-year legacy of sister programs in over 65 countries of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), helping to leverage our work in Canada. WCS Canada focuses on protecting wildlife in large, remote, healthy ecosystems (Western Arctic, southern Yukon, northern B.C. and northern Ontario) that represent exceptionally high conservation values by have lost ground elsewhere in Canada through resource development and climate change. We focus on species where there is still a chance to make a difference, such as Arctic seals and whales, lake sturgeon, caribou, bison, western bats, wolverine, boreal birds and river otter. We convene with other researchers and thep ublic to build alliances between academic scientists and our conservation partners, and to strengthen the science capacity of the conservation movement. We offer Fellowships to young conservation scientists and support t(...) Political Activities Description Political Activities Description WCS CANADA ENGAGES IN THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC POLICY DIALOGUE AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES, ALL OF WHICH ARE DIRECTLY RELATED TO OUR CHARITABLE PURPOSES I.E THE PROTECTION AND CONSERVATION OF WILDLIFE AND WILD PLACES AND CREATION AND DISSEMINATION OF KNOWLEDGE PERTAINING TO THE CONSERVATION AND PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE AND WILD PLACES. WE PROVIDE INFORMATION TO OUR SUPPORTERS AND TO OUR GENERAL PUBLIC THROUGH OUR ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTERS (BI-MONTHLY), SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK, MEDIA APPEARANCES, PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES AND BOOK CHAPTERS, AND OUR WCSCANADA.ORG WEBSITE. THE INFORMATION GENERALLY CONSISTS OF OUR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES AND DISCUSSION OF POLICY IMPLICATIONS. WE ALSO OCCASIONALLY MAKE REPRESENTATIONS IN WRITING OR VERBALLY TO ELECED OFFICIALS, PUBLIC OFFICIALS, POLITICAL PARTIES AND CANDIDATES, AND APPEAR AT PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEES, TO BRING OUR VIEWSTO THE PUBLIC POLICY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS, AND MAY RELEASE SUCH MATERIALS PUBLICLY.