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Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) provides education and expert advice about wildlife situations to the general public, and medical care to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals with the ultimate goal of releasing healthy animals back into the wild. Admitting approximately 5,000 wild patients each year, TWC works with over 270 different species of wildlife, including many that are listed as species-at-risk. The Wildlife Hospital has experienced veterinarians and wildlife veterinary technicians on staff, as well as veterinary specialists who voluteer their time. Handling approximately 30,000 phone calls from the public each year, TWC's Wildlife Hotline is the busiest of its kind in North America and is considered to be model internationally.... TWC is the only Canadian wildlife centre with a dedicated Rescue Program, with staff trained in oil spill response, ice rescue, swift water rescue, chemical immobilization, tree climbing, etc. By providing many unique resources via the Wildlife Hotline, three websites, the media, presentations, literature, and social media, TWC educates the public as well as many types of organizations to promote the peaceful coexistence of people and wildlife.