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Over the past year, Oxfam Canada continued to strengthen its work in support of women's rights and gender equality in a number of countries. It supported initiatives to end violence against women and girls in Afghanistan, Cuba, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Pakistan. It implemented an initiative to increase women's political participation in Indonesia, as well as an initiative to promote and improve women and young girls' sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the Philippines. Oxfam Canada also supported food security, livelihoods and disaster risk reduction initiatives in Cuba. Political Activities Description Political Activities Description Oxfam Canada seeks to inform public dialogue on international development issues that sometimes have a political dimension, in particular in relation to Object 3 (to advance sustainable development) and Object 4 (to promote human rights). This is accomplished primarily through information on our Web site, support to coalitions with other NGOs and special events. Oxfam Canada's website occasionally hosts petitions and incorporates a capacity that helps Canadians communicate with their elected representatives. Oxfam Canada's representatives meet with government officials regularly to inform them of Oxfam Canada's work in fighting poverty.