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ICFC's small staff, 18 volunteers (over 3000 volunteer hours/year), and able field accomplish a lot: 1. We enable the Kayapo indigenous people to protect their territories which span 10.5 million hectares in Brazil's southeastern Amazon. 2. Conservation of the desert elephants of Mali through innovative community-based natural resource management to protect key habitats, along with anti-poaching efforts. 3. Conservation of maleos, marine turtles and fruit bats in the Tompotika region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. 4. Land acquisition for and protection and management of nature reserves... Bolivia, Educador, Panama. 5. Protection of the Los Amigos Conservation Concession, a 146000-hectare area of highly biodiverse old-growth forest in Peru. 6. Conservation at Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Costa Rica, through support of parataxonomists, who collect scientific data while protecting this famed national park. 7. Linking near-real time monitoring of deforestation with policy action in the highly biodiverse Andean Amazon. 8. Preventing extinction of the hooded grebe in Patagonia, Argentina. 9. Our Shorebird Conservation Initiative reduces threats to shorebirds (inc