Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I donate to Circle Acts and not to the charity directly?

A: There are lots of reasons to donate to Circle Acts. We represent all charities, some of the smaller organizations may not have the means to manage the digital technology or processes as effectively without impacting their work. Instead they choose to continue to focus on their work and Circle Acts is here to support all charities regardless of size. By donating to Circle Acts you can have a complete picture of all your giving. When it is tax time you won't have to to try and track down missing tax receipts from multiple organizations. We make the donation process easy and the tax receipting process even easier. Additionally use your information for more marketing, we can hide your information from the charity and we will never use your information to send you mail and we will never send you digital mail without your permission. Lastly we are all digital, we believe technology should save costs allowing more of your money go directly to the work you intended it for.

Q: Where did the name Circle Acts come from?

A: A circle is a continue shape symbolizing oneness and eternity. The symbol is used in a variety of ways, but the essence is that of eternity, totality and wholeness. Acts means to take action, or to do something. Circle acts is derived from the idea that if we act together that we can have an impact beyond one, beyond ourselves and to eternity.

Q: Why don't you charge additional administration?

A: Money that is donated should not be used for the charity unless it is directed by the donor to be given to administration. A charity needs money to run, and to run well but we believe that the inherent nature of charity comes from a place of sacrifice, personally giving up something to give to someone else for causes you believe in. We believe that if there is an administration charge it should be given freely, or it should come from something someone receives in equal value.

Q: Is Circle Acts a registered charity?

A: Yes, Circle Acts is a non profit and charity organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and bound to all the same rules any other charity is bound to.

Q: How do I know my money goes to where I want it to?

A: The nature of Circle Acts is one of transparency, we will operate transparently and share information as we receive it. Technology has changed everything and it is time for the charitable sector to operate as a collective with shared purpose regardless of the specifics of the purpose.

Q: How does Circle Acts keep their technology costs down?

A: We leverage all things digital, we have valued volunteers that help with our technology, and we leverage out non profit status to get the best pricing we can to help keep our costs down. We also have valuable partnerships that have allowed us to move as quickly and as effectively as we have.

Q: Where does the information on Circle Acts come from?

A: All information is publicly available through Canada Revenue Agency, other like minded organizations that publicly report on charity health and well being and we also aggregate and interpret social data that is also in the public domain.