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Food Banks Canada is the national organization that represents the food bank community across the country.The organization's mission is to relieve hunger in Canada every day by: raising food and funds to share with food banks nationally; delivering on programs and services to Canadian food banks; influencing public policy to create longer term solutions. This is accomplished by education and awareness of the extent of hunger in Canada; development of effective programs and services that support the networks' efforts to assist people in need in their communities; and research and public policy development. Key programs include: National Food Sharing System which works to acquire and share large scale food industry donations with the food bank network;services such as training and development and capacity support;and lead national research like Hunger Count: Canada's only survey on food bank usage.This year we continued to support the food bank network,with funding of our signature programs including the Rural Support,food literacy,community gardens and kitchen programs. and provided infrastructure funding through our Capacity Building Fund. Political Activities Description Political Activities Description Food Banks Canada released the HungerCount report in January 2019. This report contains up-to-date research on Canadians helped by food banks. It also contains a number of relevant policy recommendations for federal and provincial governments. This report was promoted widely by Food Banks Canada through our social media channels and to our network of food banks.