How Circle Acts Donation Marketplace Works?


For the Donor

1) You select your charities of choice and donate

2) Your tax receipt is issued by Circle Acts

3) All the donations are submitted to the charity of your choice once a month.

4) Circle Acts transparently shows information on collective donations in real time

For the Charity

1) You can claim your account and we have made some fields editable to allow you to expand on your profile

2) Data from Canada Revenue Agency and Social feeds are not editable and we display it in its entirety supporting our commitment to full transparency

3) All information added to your profile is reviewed and approved to ensure it supports our commitment to full transparency.

4) You will receive the donations every month as they are reconciled.

For Businesses

1) Use our widgets to support your favorite charity or cause

2) We will provide you access to reports on the impact you have had as an organization

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