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Donate to Circle Acts to Distribute to the Best Charities or those with the most needs in the categories for you! Leave it to us! Circle Acts is a registered charity in Canada promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of Charities in Canada. 

Our Mission:

To serve donors and focus on high-impact, transparent charitable giving to maximize impact. We support impact-focused charities to raise awareness for their noble causes.

Circle Acts is a CRA registered charity that transparently, brings together all Canadian charities in one place to allow you, as a donor to support the causes you believe in easily. We were founded with the desire to help charities and help donors navigate the complexity of choosing the right charities to support. The world of charitable giving is complex with over 85,000 charities registered in Canada, donors have endless choices and want to ensure their donations are going to causes they are passionate about and to charities that have the biggest impact and the money is being used well by the charity it has been directed to. 

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