About us

Circle Acts was created to represent a collective of charities across Canada, we accomplish more when we work together.

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We are a charity marketplace, and bring together data from many different sources to present an unbiased picture of the health of a charity and the impact a charity has.We will be focused on pulling in more sources of information to help you as a donor research and support the charities of your choice. We also believe you as a donor need to have choice, but you don’t necessarily want to be marketed to in the same way.Circle Acts gives you choice in how that donation is directed to the charity of your choice, whether you want your contact information shared, you also have a choice on payment methods, payment amounts and frequency that may not be available and as we grow we will add more content to help you make choices that reflect your own interests and values.

The choices to give are many, we all want to ensure we understand the health of the organizations we are giving to, and together with Circle Acts we can make a difference.We equalize the share of voice between large and small charities not because we believe in one or the other, but we believe a donor needs choice and choice starts from a place of knowledge.

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We are a charity marketplace and we are data aggregators. We believe in charity and non profits focused on good work around the world, and want to help them focus on impact and let us help support their fundraising efforts.

We do not charge any fees on top of what we are already charged.If you want to give to Circle Acts because you believe in the work we are doing, it is optional and is added by you to your donation.We do not redirect your donations, we direct them as you have directed them.We believe in the power of the collective, and donate even our time in making Circle Acts a better experience for the donor and the charity in the hopes that we can help in a very small way.

We believe that charities are created by passionate people focused on specific needs both here locally and globally. Charities biggest value is creating impact, and making a difference regardless of their area of focus. We help charities be more efficient, we help donors find causes that are meaningful to them and we know that not every charity is created equal. We aggregate the data from across all registered charities, and provide donors an unbiased view of the charity and the work they are doing.

Charities need to be focused on impact, too many of them are spending valuable donation money on overhead and larger organizations have an unfair advantage because they raise more money they can spend more. We think donors should have a choice, and we know with over 85,000 charities in Canada that choice can be confusing and difficult.

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We know donors want charities to have an impact, and we know charities want to be more efficient. Circle Acts was created to represent the collective, to allow all high impact charities to have a chance to tell their story if even it is just beginning.

We are passionate, you are passionate, they are passionate and together we can change the world.