About Us

Circle Acts is a CRA Registered charity (Registration Number 788978278RR0001) that transparently, brings together all Canadian charities in one place to allow you, as a donor to support the causes you believe in easily.

Our Mission: We serve donors through online channels and focus on impact, transparency, and convenience.

What is Circle Acts?

Circle Acts is passionate about having an impact around the world and know that together we can make a difference. We believe that organizations that are set up for the singular purpose of improving the world in a small way need support from others, whether that be monetary in the form of a donation or your time in the form of volunteering or fundraising. Each organization has a unique value and work hard to achieve their purpose, and the purpose of Circle Acts is to bring together the information in ways that support charities and give each charity an equal share of voice.
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We are donors first, and as donors we know that we were often faced with so many choices, it was overwhelming. Is our donation really getting there, does the charity really need the money, what will they do with the money and how can I find the right charity to support a specific cause we believe in. Our purpose is simple, we believe that we all have a part to play in making this world a better place – this is the “circle” and change happens when we act, and we are able to cause change in a singular act but we are ever more powerful when we act together. This is the idea behind Circle Acts. We help you the donor find the right charity, that supports the cause(s) that you believe in and that will use your donation well. We help the smaller charities have a voice in a very crowded market by calling attention to even the smallest charity in ways they may not have the means to do themselves.

Circle Acts is a charity that is a marketplace for all charities and non-profits. We provide a single-entry point for all donations, that are directed by the entity initiating the donation. Donations can be made as a single gift, a daily, weekly, monthly or annual pledge. We offer the choices that are offered by the charities themselves, we assume they know what type of gift(s) are required and we offer filters, and selectors across all charities to help the donors find what they would like to support.

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We are a charity marketplace, and bring together data from many different sources to present an unbiased picture of the health of a charity and the impact a charity has. We will be focused on pulling in more sources of information to help you as a donor research and support the charities of your choice. We also believe you as a donor need to have choice, but you don’t necessarily want to be marketed to in the same way. Circle Acts gives you choice in how that donation is directed to the charity of your choice, whether you want your contact information shared, you also have a choice on payment methods, payment amounts and frequency that may not be available and as we grow we will add more content to help you make choices that reflect your own interests and values.

The choices to give are many, we all want to ensure we understand the health of the organizations we are giving to, and together with Circle Acts we can make a difference. We equalize the share of voice between large and small charities not because we believe in one or the other, but we believe a donor needs choice and choice starts from a place of knowledge.

We are a charity marketplace and we are data aggregators. We believe in charity and non-profits focused on good work around the world, and want to help them focus on impact and let us help support their fundraising efforts.

We do not charge any fees on top of what we are already charged by companies we integrate with, or are responsible for processing payments. If you want to give to Circle Acts because you believe in the work we are doing, it is optional and is added by you to your donation. We do not redirect your donations, we direct them as you have directed them. We believe in the power of the collective, and donate even our time in making Circle Acts a better experience for the donor and the charity in the hopes that we can help in a very small way.

Get Involved

  • Give - You can give to any number of charities, including to Circle Acts right here on this site. www.circleacts.com
  • Volunteer – Have a great idea on how you can help Circle Acts, send us a line at [email protected]
  • Organize – Get your friends together and get behind a cause simply because we are better together.
  • Advocate and Promote – Share your voice and opinions and help others be informed and make great choices that will change a life somewhere today.
  • Concerts and Events – Find an event near you supporting amazing charities nationally.